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Don’t Dis My Abilities

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When people think of me, Adrian Peterson, they usually think of cheering fans and impressive football runs. What they usually don’t think of is a stutter. The truth is that I am both an award-winning NFL player and a disabled person, and getting to the NFL was part of a long, hard journey against my own self-doubt. My frustration at not being able to turn my thoughts into words and my desperate at
tempts to be normal stifled my talents until, finally, I was able to charge through my disability and into success.

This book is the story of how I was able to overcome snickering kids in school, headache-inducing hours in speech therapy, and choppy conversations with baffled reporters and coaches to capture one of those coveted spots in professional football. But this story is not mine alone. It is the story of anyone who has ever suffered from a disability, anyone who has ever felt they were not capable enough or good enough or talented enough to reach for the stars. It is the story of anyone who allows their shortcomings to overshadow their talents and abilities.

To those who were and are distracted by my disability, I simply say: don’t dis my abilities. This is how I grew confident enough to say that, and how you can get there too.

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